The Kindness Diaries - Season Two (13 episodes)

TV Series, Documentary

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In Season Two of The Kindness Diaries, Englishman Leon Logothetis travels from Alaska to Argentina relying on the kindness of strangers, surprising unsuspecting good Samaritans with life changing gifts!

Starring: Leon Logothetis


1. The Gift of Faith

Leon and Kindness 2 leave sunny Los Angeles and head to freezing Alaska. With no money or food a Canadian bushman comes to the rescue.

2. The Gift of Community

Leon crashes and is stranded on the icy Yukon roads. He is invited to a party where one man opens his home to countless refugees.

3. The Gift of Purpose

After breaking down in Montana, Leon stays in a snowy wonderland. In Salt Lake City one woman’s passion to help others inspires his next gift.

4. The Gift of Home

Leon has a close shave and plays cowboy in rural Utah. He visits the USA Mexico border and finds help from a humble Mexican family.

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