Return to Palau

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Return to Palau is a visually beautiful and deeply inspiring documentary that shines light not only on the idyllic (and mostly overlooked) island nation of Palau, but on an unspeakable tragedy that affected the whole country. Recently uncovered archival footage and first-person accounts tell the story of the young DePaiva missionary family that was murdered in Palau in 2003, and of their 10-year-old daughter, Melissa, who was the sole survivor. Although Melissa knew that she couldn’t stay on the island after the deaths of her loved ones, she told her grandparents that she wanted to return to Palau one day. Through the years, Melissa never lost this desire. In 2018, fifteen years after leaving Palau, she made the journey back with her grandparents and her husband by her side. Discover this incredible true story of survival, faith, and forgiveness.

Return to Palau is available for viewing in English, Spanish and Portuguese. To change your language preference click the settings icon in the lower right corner of the title screening.

Classfication:PGMature themes

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