God Is At Work - Season One (9 episodes)

TV Series, Documentary

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Where is God working? This inspirational series takes you across the world to discover the answer. Made up of short vignettes, each episode focuses on different themes and follows how God is using individuals to do His work. From the United States to across the globe, God is everywhere. Be inspired and grow your faith with this heart-warming docu-series.


1. Teens and Kids

How Alyssa lives her life as a blind teenager is inspirational. Plus, visit Dawn in California and Aviance in North Carolina to discover how theological lessons of patience, self-control, and sacrifice are a part of the blessings of Parenthood. Finally, a young girl and her friends in Thailand reveal a refreshing, creative, and bold faith.

2. Teachers and Trainers

A look into illiteracy, the fight against it, and how local churches are leading the way. Plus, meet Lindsay in New York and be inspired by her big heart and love for students. Finally, we'll visit a Crossfit gym to witness a special Good Friday workout.

3. Neighborhood

There was a living nativity in New York? Yep. Ron and his friends try to turn their small town Christmas tradition into a big event in Times Square. Then witness how Kristin uses a turquoise table to help neighbors connect. Visit central Asia with Murat, a modern day shepherd. Finally, two couples overcome fear and busyness to reach out to their neighbors.

4. Church

Encounter the brave faith of Li Yang in the underground church of China. Plus, discover a unique church service at Willow Creek Community Church. Finally, watch how the church in Austin TX is helping a growing number of Veterans who are suffering from Moral Injury find healing.

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