Earth Cycle - Season One (5 episodes)

0h 25min

TV Series, Adventure, Documentary

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Simon Parker, British travel writer and public speaker, charts the seasonal cycles of the natural world as he journeys through Scandinavia on a bicycle, camping in the wild, meeting locals, seeing animal migrations and sampling seasonal food.

Starring: Simon Parker


1. Part 1

Simon begins his bicycle journey at the North Cape in wild, wet and windy conditions. He helps a local king crab fisherman pull in pots from the Arctic, and creates vodka and beer with seaweed.

2. Part 2

While cycling in Swedish Lapland, Simon witnesses early season northern lights, accompanied by Arctic char soup and coffee with cheese.

3. Part 3

As he continues on his cycling journey south through the landscapes of Sweden, Simon camps in huge and isolated forests before meeting two men who have been fishing for lamprey for 50 years.

4. Part 4

Simon cycles at the Malingsbo-Kloten Nature Reserve where he and a local guide successfully track moose. He also encounters endangered bee species that are being preserved.

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